This lake was dug out in 2015 and is designed for pleasure anglers of all abilities. It features 7 large pegs, making this lake ideally suited for family and junior sessions. To keep the bites coming all day, we have stocked Jackdaw with a ample amount of silver fish, including roach up to 2lbs, perch,rudd, tench and  brown goldfish, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure!

During the colder winter months, Jackdaw offers plenty of bites for anglers of all abilities and if the going is hard on our other larger lakes, Jackdaw will always give you good quality silver fish sport, all year round.

Recommended Baits:

Maggot,Pinkies,Groundbait,Casters and worms.

lob worm or Prawn for the bigger Perch

Best Method:

Float fishing with pole,Whip or Wagglers,