• 15th July 2018

On a blisteringly hot day, with virtually no wind, 28 anglers fished this weeks Summer Qualifier on Jay lake. The conditions were going to be the telling factor on the day, with a large quantity of the fish in the lake cruising around on the surface, enjoying the sun. It was going to be a case of getting the tactics right on the day, to who would be today’s winner.

The match was won from peg 11 by Vinny Easey with 110lbs 02ozs all caught on corn and 6mm expander pellet fished to the far bank at 14m, Vinny kept the bites coming all day by alternating his hookbaits, which were fished over micro and 4mm pellet. Second spot was taken by on form Stewart Bracey on peg 3 who finished the match with 94lbs 10ozs, with Gavin Butler close behind with 91lbs 14ozs taking third from peg 5.


1 – Vinny Easey – Stanjay – Peg 11 – 110lbs 02ozs

2 – Stewart Bracey – Dynamite/Shimano – Peg 3 – 94lbs 10ozs

3 – Gavin Butler – Tackle & Bates – Peg 3 – 91lbs 14ozs

4 – Tony Lee – Maver/Matchpack – Peg 15 – 89lbs 07ozs

Next Saturdays Summer Qualifier will be fished on Magpie Lake, draw at the Cafe at 09.00, fish 10.30 AM til 4.30PM