• 7th April 2018

For the first time in months, the weather was spot on today with temperatures reaching the dizzy heights of 14 degrees and a warm south easterly breeze, the 29 anglers competing in this weeks Summer Qualifier anticipated decent sport with fish showing on the top for the first time this year. With 15 anglers on Jay lake and 14 anglers on Magpie lake, the now standard continental payout was in place.

Jay Lake

Jay responded well to the warmer weather, producing better sport for all  but a few who fished the lake today. Fishing peg 47, Andy Day took full advantage of the seasonal warm to put 76lbs 10ozs on the scales. The local rod fished maggot over micro’s to the far shelf, to put together his lake winning catch. Just under 10 pounds behind was Vinny Easey on peg 43 with 66lbs 12ozs, with Tony Mcgregor taking third spot with 54lbs 03ozs from peg 16.

1 – Andy Day – Tackle & Bates – Peg 47 – 76lbs 10ozs

2 – Vinny Easey –  Stanjay – Peg 43 – 66lbs 12ozs

3 – Tony McGregor – Tackle & Bates – Peg 54lbs 03ozs

Magpie Lake

Magpie also show a vast improvement in form, with the warm breeze getting the fish on the move, which produced a few surprises on the day. On peg 2 (Golden Peg) Mark Pollard put in a superb performance to win the lake with excellent 120lbs 02ozs. The Matrix/Hinders backed rod dobbed bread at 16m to not only win the lake but he also secured the Golden Peg. Second on the lake from peg 34 was Josh Pace who took big fish from down the edge, to put 103lbs on the scales, with Neil Adcock on peg 13 taking 76lbs 08ozs of carp and roach.

1 – Mark Pollard – Matrix/Hinders – Peg 2 – 120lbs 02ozs

2 – Josh Pace – Bag’em Matchbaits – Peg 34 – 103lbs 00ozs

3 – Neil Adcock – Browning Hotrods – Peg 13 – 76lbs 08ozs

Final Results based on a continental pay out

1 – Mark Pollard – Matrix/Hinders – Peg 2 Magpie lake – 120lbs 02ozs

2 – Andy Day – Tackle & Bates – Peg 47 Jay lake  – 76lbs 10ozs

3 – Josh Pace – Bag’em Matchbaits – Peg 34 Magpie lake – 103lbs 00ozs

4 – Vinny Easey –  Stanjay – Peg 43 Jay lake – 66lbs 12ozs

Next Saturdays Summer Qualifier will be fished on Magpie lake, draw at the Cafe at 09.00, fish 10.30 AM til 4.30PM