• 8th February 2018

Since mid December there has been an abundance of work undertaken on the lake in preparation for the arrival of touring anglers. The hard standings and tracks have all been dug out and prepared for the top finish. The mains electricity supply has now been full connected to offer mains to the 5 plots that will be available for the coming season. We will be publishing the views and location of the plots, once Mother Nature has return this gorgeous mature and well stocked lake, back to her summer time glories best!

The latest big project that has taken place is the annual netting of the lake. This enables us to assess the stock levels and to remove the thousands of tiny 2 to 3” long perch that will eat absolutely anything and can become an annoyance when targeting the bigger residents. Because Rook Lake is the deepest lake on the complex, with depths down to 12 feet in the middles. Over 1000,000 gallons of water had to be pumped out and stored on our man made marsh close by, which is now a protected area, and is home to some traditional aquatic life, that are quite rare in many places.

 To make this huge  job run as smoothly as possible, we were assisted by the Environment Agency who supplied all of the essential equipment, including nets, boats and a experienced six man team. The EA were also assisted by a small army of the venues regulars who wanted to see what hidden secrets this nearly 18 year old lake would throw up, and none of us were disappointing.

Once the fish were in a controlled area, the huge team then started sorting through the huge throng of fish, that had been captured in the first sweep of the lake. This huge ball of fish produced big perch in access of 3lbs, a good number of tench up to 6lbs, with a huge number of roach and rudd from 3ozs up to 1.5lbs. The most pleasing thing that we discovered was the number of carp over the 20lbs mark, with 6 of the fish being over 21lbs up to an impressive 26lbs 4oz grass carp that has only ever been caught once in over 17 years of being resident, now there’s a challenge!!

We were also delighted on the number of carp present in the lake, with well over 1500 fish, in pristine condition, which will make the sport this lake has to offer over the coming months exceptional. Another fact about the resident carp that you the visiting anglers will be very interested in is the estimate average weight of the carp in Rook is  between 6 to 8lbs carp, with over 60 fish in  double figures, you know that you’ll get a memorable bend in your rods time and time again. Pictured below is just one of the numerous large nets, full with quality carp, that have been returned to the lake in perfect condition.

 Work is now well underway on the completion of the new, Level swims, that will comfortably accommodate two angler with a day shelter. These will have both stepped and a slopped aces, so anglers of all physical abilities can reach the lakeside easily and most importantly safely!

That’s about it for now, however, until our next update, here’s a short video with full information about the netting that took place, and to find out where the small fish that were removed ended up.

Team Rookery Waters