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Bank Holiday Open Match Results; Monday 5th April

Bank Holiday Monday Open
41 pegs
Jay and Raven
Bitterly cold and windy conditions once again made presentation difficult to say the least….
Match winner and ever consistent Jack Gill caught carp and F1’s in his 111.00lb winning Bag
Runner up on Jay was Dave Harold with 101.00lb all on maggots short
Third on Jay lake was Matrix and spotted fin Angler Ben Townsend with 93.12lb from peg 27 on maggots
Raven lake
Lake winner and second in the continental payout was Eddie Howman with 94.10lb from peg 3 he managed to catch carp and F1’s on maggots long
Very close for 2nd and 3rd in the lake with Hames Wilkinson just taking the runner up spot with 89.12 to Mike Govier 89.10lb from pegs 12 and 14 all on maggots.
Overall Continental payout
1st Jack Gill peg 37 Jay 111.00lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Eddie Howman peg 03 Raven 94.10lb
Rookery waters
3rd Dave Harold peg 09 Jay 101.00lb
Rookery waters
4th James Wilkinson peg 12 Jay 89.12lb
Dersingham/anglers corner
5th Ben Townsend peg 27 Jay 93.12lb
Matrix Spotted Fin
6th Mike Govier peg 14 Raven 89.10lb
Rookery waters
7th Ross Harold peg 01 Jay 93.02lb
8th Tony Evans peg 23 Raven 88.02lb
Daiwa Tackle & Bates
Next Saturdays open will be on Jay,Raven and Crow
Booking in is essential
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