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Individual Winter League Final 2 Dayer: Sat 19th & Sun 20th March

Rookery waters Two day Winter Final!!
Day 1 results 🌤💨
1st Bruno Norman peg 19 104.14lb
2nd Dennis Page peg 11 83.08lb
3rd Tony McGregor peg 36 75.14lb
1st Ross Harold peg 28 93.04lb
2nd Vinny Easy peg 02 81.02lb
3rd Adam Playford peg 11 72.05lb
Day 2 results ☀️
1st Ben Townsend peg 05 138.12lb
2nd Ross Harold peg 30 100.04lb
3rd Tony Martin peg 02 82.00lb
1st Bruno Norman peg 11 154.14lb
2nd Steve Haywood peg 03 102.14lb
3rd Simon Godfrey peg 26 95.06lb
Overall results
1st Bruno Norman £300 2pts 259.14lb
Rookery waters
2nd Ross Harold £230 3pts 193.10lb
3rd Simon Godfrey £150 4pts 169.08lb
Daiwa Tackle & Bates
4th Steve Haywood 5pts £100 157.12lb
Rookery Waters
5th Dennis page 5pts 145.08lb
Rookery waters
6th Adam Playford 5pts 144.13lb
Daiwa Tackle & Bates
***Final League standings***
Very very close at the top👍
The Individual Winter League is decided on Your best 7 scores and in event of a tie next lowest dropper will count and if the same then weight count back entry is just £25
1st £500 Adam playford 9pts Dropper 2 (498.02lb)
Daiwa Tackle & Bates
2nd £350 Bruno Norman 9pts Dropper 3 (441.01lb
Rookery Waters
3rd £250 Dave Harold 9pts dropper 3 (371.01lb)
Rookery Waters
4th £200 Steve Haywood 10pts dropper 3 (572.08lb) Rookery waters
5th £150 Chris Annette 10pts dropper 3 (481.06lb) DT Floats
6th Rob Heath 11pts dropper 3 (380.01lb)
7th Vinny Easy 11pts dropper 4 (605.02lb)
8th John Bottfield 12pts dropper 3
9th Ross Harold 13pts Dropper 3
10th Ben Townsend 14pts dropper 4
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