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This lake was created in 2003 as a purpose built, featured fishing lake. As with Rook, the surface area is one hectare but the shape is irregular and there are two islands.

The maximum depth is two metres, the margin shelf is 0.5 metres and sunken reefs are 0.5 metres deep. Access to the large central island is over a bridge. Magpie has 36 evenly spaced large pegs all slightly different to hold fish. All pegs have excellent, near bank, marginal features, with a shelf at approximately 3m, which enables you to fish short perfectly on all swims. Add to this the numerous rush islands and lily pads and this mature lake will offer you something different on all pegs.

This is the lake to choose if you want to really bag up. Being the most mature of the match lakes, there are some proper monster in Magpie, with the average stamp being 3lbs, up to 12lbs+, making it very easy to put over 150lbs on the scales from the majority of the pegs on Magpie lake, making this our most popular summer lake for the visiting match anglers who want to seriously bag up!

 0-1lbs  1-5lbs  5-10lbs  10lbs+  20lbs+

Recommended Baits:

Spring/Summer – Meat, corn, paste, catmeat, maggots,Worms,Casters bandums and pellets during the warmer months

Autumn/Winter – Maggots,pellets,corn,Hi Viz pop ups and bread during colder months

Best Methods:

Spring/SummerPole in the margins and pellet waggler. pellet shallow,meat or paste short at 5m, feeder to the far bank can also produce whilst your near margin is fishing slow.

Autumn/Winterlightly feed pellets with 4/6mm soft expander pellet fished tight to the features. Corn and maggots work in the edges. Dobbing bread to features when the weather is extremely cold can produce excellent results.

Record Match Weight:

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Steve Dorks – Peg 28 – 525lbs 00ozs

Caught on Sunday the 12th of August 2018, his tactics were to fish caster shallow at 6m for the full 6 hours of the match

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