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This was the original lake built in 2001 as a water storage reservoir. The surface area is one hectare, the flat bottom is four metres deep and the sides slope at a rate of one in three. Over the years a shallow margin shelf has formed naturally.

The 32 stages, each suitable for two people, are set into the slope of the bank creating shelter for the angler and a scallop shaped water margin. Reeds and willow trees have been planted between the stages to provide further cover. The sheltered nature of Rook’s pegs make this lake a perfect location for pleasure anglers.

 0-1lbs  1-5lbs  5-10lbs  10lbs+  20lbs+

Recommended Baits:

Corn, meat, Boilies/Bandums, pellets and paste during the warmer months.

Bread,Maggots,Corn and popups during the winter months

Best Methods:

Pellet waggler, method feeder and margins during the summer Months

PVA bags with bright hook baits and maggot or hybrid feeder during winter

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