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Rook Lake

Originally built as a reservoir in 2001, this is the oldest lake on the fishery.

Surface Area: 1 hectare

Shape: Round with shallow sloping sides, approx 4 meters deep in the middle

Rook Lake is solely for pleasure anglers, with large specimen carp reaching up to 30lbs as well as a large stock of silver fish including; Roach, Rudd, Skimmer Bream, Perch, Crucian carp and Tench all make for a great days fishing.

Maggots and casters work well as well as micro pellets or ground bait on the feeder or float.

Consisting of 32 stages, each large enough for two anglers, that are set back into the slope of the bank, creating shelter and a scallop shaped water margin. Reeds and willow trees have been planted between the stages to provide further cover.

Situated overlooking Rook Lake is our Holiday Lodges and Caravan Site, each with their own private fishing platform in front

 0-1lbs  1-5lbs  5-10lbs  10lbs+  20lbs+
Crucian Carp

Recommended Baits:

Corn, Meat, Boilies/Bandums, Pellets and Paste during the warmer months

Bread, Maggots, Corn and Popups during the winter months

Best Methods:

Pellet waggler, method feeder and margins during the summer months

PVA bags with bright hook baits and maggot or hybrid feeder during winter months

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