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Open Match Results; Saturday 16th November

Saturday 16th November Magpie and Raven lake 24 pegs

Close match with the fish starting move into the usual winter spots!
Match winner was Nigel Fawkes from peg 36 Magpie he caught loose feeding maggots on various spots around the lily pads to just break the 100lb barrier with 100.14lb
Runner up in the continental payout was Adam Playford from peg 26 on Raven he just ounced out Rob heath on the next peg with 69.08lb
Third and back over to Magpie was Tony Mcgregor from peg 7 he caught on maggots long and a few fish on bread for 74.04lb.
Fourth and runner up on Raven was Rob Heath with 69.07lb who caught on maggots long from peg 24.

Next Saturdays open is on Jay and Magpie draw 8.30-8.45 fish 10.30-3.30pm £25 all in 3x £200 golden pegs up for grabs

Overall continental payout

1st Nigel Fawkes peg 36 Magpie 100.14lb
Spotted fin
2nd Adam Playford peg 26 Raven 69.08lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Tony Mcgregor peg 07 Magpie
Tackle & Bates
4th Rob Heath peg 24 Raven 69.07lb
Cross drovers
5th Stewart Bracey peg 34 Magpie 61.08lb
Dynamite Baits
6th Dennis page peg 18 Raven 61.06lb
Spotted fin

Weds over 60’s open Raven 22 pegs

Another great attendance for the weekly over 60’s match with Alan Owen taking the win from peg 18 all caught on maggots and pellets for 85.14lb

1st Alan Owen peg 18 85.14lb
2nd Vic German peg 23 53.02lb
3rd Trevor Watson peg 27 48.04lb
4th Rob Heath peg 15 45.00lb

Next weds over 60’s open is on Magpie draw 8.30 fish 10-3pm anyone over 60 welcome £11 all in

Sunday is the second round of the individual winter league with jay and Raven lakes being used


To book in for any open or more details please contact Tackle & Bates 07824878492

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