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Open Match Results; Saturday 17th August

Sat 17th August
Jay and magpie lakes 32 pegs

Cracking weights once again from both lakes with magpie producing the overall winner!

Only one match left to qualify for the two day final next weekend 24/25th August!!

Match winner was Jimmy Brooks from magpie peg 34 with a stunning 361.14lb haul mostly caught on caster or banded pellet mugging for 75 carp
Runner up in the continental payout was Norfolk Based Jack Gill from peg 16 on Jay he fished soft expanders over micros and maggots for 183.01lb all caught short due to the strong winds preventing him from fishing tight over.
Third overall and second on Magpie was Cliff Adams who caught short with maggots and pellets to catch a better stamp for 219.10lb from peg 05
4th overall was Ben Townsend from peg 09 on Jay with 180.11lb who caught on caster shallow down the middle for a mixture of smaller carp and odd f1’s.

Next Saturday/Sunday is the two day final with the winner taking home over £1000 and also the Free family fun day on the bank holiday Monday!!

Overall continental payout
1st Jimmy Brooks peg 34 Magpie 361.14lb
Preston innovations/sonu Baits
2nd Jack Gill peg 16 Jay 183.01lb
Angling Direct
3rd Cliff Adams peg 05 Magpie 219.10lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Ben Townsend peg 09 Jay 180.11lb
Matrix/Spotted finn
5th Stewart Bracey peg 36 Magpie 203.08lb
Dynamite Baits
6th Steve bull peg 31 Jay 123.04lb
Tackle & Bates
7th Dennis Page peg 27 Magpie 184.12lb
Tackle & Bates
8th Terry Easy peg 19 Jay 116.09lb

Tackle & BatesThursday qualifying open Magpie 16 pegs

Great midweek contest with close weights once again!
Match winner was Preston innovations Black horse rod Pete Archer from peg 13 with 248.08lb all caught on Bunches of maggots or worms in the edge.

Next Thursdays last chance saloon open is on Magpie draw 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm £25 all in

1st Pete Archer peg 13 248.08lb
Gonuts Baits
2nd Zak Warby peg 27 234.12lb
Cresta Uk
3rd Charlie Styles peg 32 216.04lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Matt Wiles peg 08 212.14lb
Dynamite Baits
5th Alex Reynolds peg 11 160.00lb
Browning Wickford

Weds over 60’s open Raven lake 23 pegs

Catmeat and paste were the Baits used in the leading weights with overall winner catching at the bottom of the far shelf on catmeat for 138.10lb

Next weds over 60’s open is on Jay lake draw 8.30 fishing 10-4pm £11 all in anyone over 60 welcome

1st Terry Easy peg 03 138.10lb
2nd Andrew Keel peg 06 116.06lb
3rd Mick Curtis peg 15 95.12lb
4th Keith (don’t show us ya 🦷Keith Rayment 89.10lb
5th John Pratt peg 23 88.06lb

To book in any open or for more information contact Tackle & Bates 07824878492

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