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Open Match Results; Saturday 22nd June

Rookery waters open match results

Sat 22/06/19

Raven & Jay lakes 30 pegs

Finally some descent weather and some fantastic weights recorded!

Match winner was caster shallow expert John Payne from peg 47 on Jay he caught towards the bridge mainly small carp and f1’s for 181.04lb
Runner up due to the continental was Stewart Bracey from peg 24 Raven a slow start before switching to worm over groundbait and micros to weigh 144.08lb
3rd overall from golden peg 11 on Jay Was Lee coomber with 172.06lb of carp 2-7lb caught shallow and dobbing.
4th overall was Browning Hot rods Neil Adcock from peg 28 on Raven he caught 141 fish for 137.00lb

Next Saturdays qualifying open is again on Raven and Jay draw 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm
£25 all in!

Overall Continental payout

1st John Payne peg 47 Jay 181.04lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Stewart Bracey peg 24 Raven 144.08lb
Dynamite Baits
3rd Lee Coomber peg 11 Jay 172.06lb
Angling Direct
4th Neil Adcock peg 28 Raven 137.00lb
Browning Hot Rods
5th Geoff Arnold peg 38 Jay 120.06lb
Tackle & Bates
6th Simon Spinks peg 19 Jay 113.02lb

Thursday 1,000 qualifying open Jay lake

Great to see different winners at the fishery and David Adams (5m corn head) won the latest midweek open with 130.00lb
Yep you guessed it corn at 5m and in the edge.
Runner up was local rod Guy dew with 107.12lb

Next Thursday open is on Raven draw 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome £25 all in

1st David Adams peg 15 130.00lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd guy dew peg 19 107.12lb
3rd Andrew Gausdon peg 38 107.10lb
4th Graham Welton peg 47 99.12lb
Stanjay tackle

Weds over 60’s open Magpie lake 28 pegs

Match winner was the silent assassin Vic German from peg 28 he caught short and in the edges all day for 155.10lb

1st Vic German peg 28 155.10lb
2nd Roy Whincup peg 03 144.12lb
3rd Chris Saunders peg 34 124.15lb
4th Ron Clarke peg 27 108.12lb


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