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Open Match Results; Saturday 6th July

Rookery waters open Match Results

Saturday 06/07/19
Summer qualifying open Raven lake 25 pegs

With Just one lake being used just 5 spare pegs The anglers were expecting lower weights!??

As always Raven lake produces very consistent sport all round the lake with know out and out flyers.

We had a Joint first place with Mark Cross and Stewart Bracey Both finishing on 159.06lb both anglers caught lots of stocky 1-3lb carp on Worms over micros and groundbait.

Two wins in a week for Stewart Bracey!!

3rd spot went to Guru Backed Bill Reynolds from peg 12 he caught very well early on the Jigga with maggots before catching a few better fish in the edges for 156.10lb
4th overall was Simon Godfrey with 150.00 all caught tight across with dead maggots and groundbait

Next Saturdays qualifying open is on Raven and Jay lakes draw 8.45-9am £25 all in. 4x £200 golden pegs up for grabs!

1st = Stewart Bracey peg 05 159.06lb
Dynamite Baits
1st = Mark Cross peg 20 159.06lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Bill Reynolds peg 12 156.10lb
Guru/Mainline Match
4th Simon Godfrey peg 07 150.00lb
Tackle & Bates
5th Ross Harold peg 23 148.00lb
6th John Payne caster Blaster 145.14lb
Tackle & Bates

Thursday £1,000 Qualifying open Magpie lake 17 pegs

Perfect conditions with the weather and Magpie lake starting to hot up!!
A very close match with lowest weight recorded of 113lb!
Match winner was in-form Stewart Bracey from peg 19 in the channel he fished tight across with worm hook Baits over swim stim groundbait for a superb 259.14lb
Runner up was Ricky Ashwell who opted for a shallow and edge approach to finish on 245.04lb

Next Thursdays open is on Raven Lake draw 8.45-9am £25 all in everyone welcome

Thursdays Full Result
1st Stewart Bracey peg 19 259.14lb
Dynamite 🧨 Baits
2nd Ricky Ashwell peg 36 245.04lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Pete Archer peg 16 239.00lb
So simple Baits
4th Cliff Adams peg 26 232.04lb
Tackle & Bates
5th Mark Cross peg 13 224.04lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60’s Jay lake 24 pegs

Cat meat Specialist Roy Whincup showed his consistentancy once agin with superb 119.12lb return from peg 09.

Next weds over 60’s is on Raven lake draw 8.30 fish 10-4pm £11 all in anyone over 60 welcome!

Please book in for Raven Lake limited Pegs.

1st Roy Whincup peg 09 119.12lb
2nd Vic German peg 11 100.15lb
3rd Chris Saunders peg 14 100.06lb
4th Alan Owen peg 01 92.14lb
5th Brian Yorke peg 18 90.08lb

To book into any open matches Contact Tackle & Bates 07824878492

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