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Rookery waters Open Match Results

Rookery waters open Match results

Sat 13/04/19

Magpie & Raven Lakes (45 Pegs)

A very Sharp overnight frost put pay to the big weights but a fair match leaving many of the anglers feeling they could have done better?

Raven lake

The Overall winner of the match was Josh Pace who is having a good run at the fishery!
From peg 11 on Raven he caught in depths from 2ft-3ft in various spots around his peg to catch a mixture of carp and small F1’s for 105.00lb. In maggots.
Runner up on Raven lake was Tom Edwards from peg 14 he caught mainly carp averaging 1-3lb tight across on maggots and pellets for 100.10lb
3rd on Raven lake was Jimmy brooks with 75.06lb a quick start on the bread before switching to pellet across to produced the goods.

Jay Lake

Lake winner and second overall was Roger Gowler from peg 13 the same peg he drew the previous week he made no mistakes this time! Using simple dobbing tactics he caught 30-35 carp for 91.10lb.
Runner up on the lake was Peg one backed Vince Cross from peg 17 he caught on corn over micros across and a few later on down the edge for 88.08lb. Third on the lake was simon Godfrey from peg 28 with 76.06lb

Overall results continental payout

1st Josh Pace peg 11 jay 105.00lb
Bagem/Tackle & Bates
2nd Roger Gowler peg 13 Jay 91.10lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Tom Edwards peg 14 Raven 100.10
Dynamite baits/Frenzee
4th Vince cross peg 17 jay 88.08lb
Peg one baits
5th Jimmy Brooks peg 05 Raven 75.06
Preston innovations/sonu baits
6th Simon Godfrey peg 28 jay 76.06lb
Tackle & Bates

Sunday 14/04/19 Magpie lake (22 pegs)

A rare Sunday qualifying open match at the fishery and another heavy frost greeted those fishing and a slow start was expected!

Overall winner was Mark Pollard when he drew peg 36 he was always going to be hard to beat. 6 hours later and he blitzed the match with 189.06lb fishing towards the lilies which are starting to reappear.
Runner up was Simon Godfrey from peg 33 on the end of the island he caught at 5m and long on pellets for 130.06lb third spot and just out of the qualifying places was Kettering based rod Rab Egan from peg 11 he fished in the shallow water next to the empty platform on peg 10 to put 116.08lb onto the scales.

Overall results

1st Mark Pollard peg 36 189.06lb
2nd Simon Godfrey peg 33 130.06lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Rab Egan peg 11 116.08lb
Rab dab bricklaying
4th Stephen Daniels peg 06 111.00lb
Tackle & Bates
5th Geoff Arnold peg 14 110.12lb
Hooked Newmarket

Weds 10/04/19 over 60’s open match (31 pegs)

Superb attendance for the over 60’s on Magpie lake first visit to the fishery since is usual winter break was Clive Robinson the Stevenage rod caught some clonking fish in his edge for a superb 144.12lb just ahead of steve Clark with 133.10lb on casters.

Overall result

1st clive Robinson peg 14 144.12lb
2nd steve Clark peg 33 133.10lb
3rd Jim Garraty peg 12 88.07lb
4th Alan Owen peg 30 70.08lb

Next Saturday’s open is again on Raven & Jay

Bank holiday open match Magpie and Raven

Draw times for the qualifying opens are 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm £25 all in and 3x golden pegs with to standing at £200 everyone welcome

Weds over 60’s
Jay lake draw 8.30 fish 10-4pm £11 all in

Deposits are still due for the Guru festival 4/5th may so please remember to get paid up.

To book in for any matches or info
Contact Tackle & Bates 07824878492

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