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Rookery Waters Two Day Summer Final Results

Rookery waters 2 day summer final 2019 sponsored by Tackle & Bates

Perfect weather and Two fantastic days of fishing! We had some huge weights recorded not just from Magpie but Raven and Jay too!

With it being so hot the fish didn’t really want to feed early and mugging tactics on both Jay and Magpie put a few early fish onto the scales before shallow tactics kicked off! Natural Baits seemed to the most productive shallow or in the edges.

With Lots of money up for grabs it was always going to be competitive.

Sections of 5 or 6 meant that a perfect 2pts score would be needed to secure the £1,000 wining prize.

Day 1

Magpie was very consistent all the way round but Norfolk based rod Matt Wiles caught mugging before a frantic last few hours down the edge with casters and maggots.

1st Matt Wiles peg 02

dynamite Baits
2nd Lewis Lewis Fensom peg 36 290.08lb
Guru/Harlow Angling
3rd Stephen Daniels peg 25 233.00lb
Tackle & Bates

Raven lake

Lake winner was Matrix backed Ben Townsend from peg 21 he started short and shallow with casters and never looked back catching small F1’s and sticky mirrors for a fine 250.15lb

1st Ben Townsend peg 21 250.15lb
Matrix/Spotted Finn
2nd Ross Harold peg 27 214.15lb
3rd Cliff Adams peg 08 146.13lb
Tackle & Bates

Jay lake

Close weight as always on Jay but March angler Jamie bird won the lake from peg 47 on casters and maggots in the edge for 152.08

1st Jamie Bird peg 47 152.08lb
Townsend ac
2nd Jimmy Brooks peg 41 144.09lb
Preston innovations/sonu Baits
3rd Charlie styles peg 19 130.02lb

Day 2

Magpie lake

Lake winner was Super jimmy brooks from peg 30 he caught on caster shallow for a very busy day catching well over 100 carp for 334.14lb

1st Jimmy Brooks peg 30 334.14lb
Preston innovations/sonu Baits
2nd Andrew Raymond peg 24 292.04lb
Preston innovations Blackhorse
3rd Dennis Page peg 27 262.12lb
Tackle & Bates

Raven lake

Another lake win for Matt wiles with a stunning 274.12lb pushing the lake record close… and taking the perfect 2pts score all caught on maggots in the edge to catch 2-4lb carp all day.

1st Matt wiles peg 10 274.12lb

2nd James Collinson peg 25 214.00lb
3rd Tim Bates peg 11 200.04lb
Tackle & Bates

Jay lake

England youth international Jack Samantha to the lake win using caster shallow and maggots in the edge for 205.14lb

1st Jack Damant peg 47 205.14lb
Matrix image
2nd Zak Warby peg 02 194.00lb
Cresta uk
3rd Tony Dawson peg 28 184.00lb

Overall results

1st Matt wiles 2 points – 687.12lb
Dynamite Baits
2nd Jack Gill 2 points – 368.02lb
Angling Direct
3rd Zak warby 2 points -343.04lb
Cresta uk
4th Jimmy Brooks – 3 points 479.07lb
Preston innovations
5th Adam playford 3 points 357.10lb
Tackle & Bates

Pairs competition
1st Dennis page & Matt wiles
2nd Jimmy Brooks & Mark Newbold
3rd Tim Bates & Ross Harold
4th Andrew Rayment & Kevin Shellie
5th Tony Dawson & Jack damant

The open matches continue every Saturday and we also have the teams of 3 once again this year and a Sunday winter league

This Saturday open is on Raven possibly Jay too!

Draw 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm £25 all in

Our midweek opens will be Tuesdays and an over 60’s open on weds

To book in contact Tackle & Bates


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