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Rookery Waters Winter Final 23rd/24th March 2019 Match Results

Rookery waters winter final 2109 Full results

The winter series of opens have been extremely popular this year with the fishing much more consistent than the previous winter ❄️ with superb attendances throughout!
The use of two lakes and a continental payout system has worked evenly and we will be continuing this format for the summer qualifying opens starting next Saturday!!

Raven and Magpie lakes were the chosen lakes being used for the event in its 4th year! Wow that’s has gone quick…With 2 perfect section wins being the aim.

Day 1 Raven

Both lakes produced a very evan match with weights coming from all over!

Maggot was the key bait on Raven with the bigger 2-4lb original carp being caught down the middle/track which is unusual for this lake.
Just onces separated the top two.
Lake winner was Preston Innovations backed Jimmy brooks from peg 14 he started slowly catching odd F1’s before He the switched to feeding maggots aggressively at 6m to put 101.12lb on the scales to just beat mr 2nd josh pace who had a very busy day catching small F1’s shallow and short for 101.08lb
lake third went to Steve Clark with 97.04 to just edge out Richard bond into 4th by an ounce….

Day 1 Raven lake section winners

1-9 Jamie magiure peg 03 83.10lb
11-19 Jimmy Brooks peg 15 101.12lb
21-28 Josh pace peg 21 101.08lb

Day 1 magpie

Magpie has well and truly switched on with the fish following the wind making the unfavourable bowl end much fairer.
Lake winner was Tom Edwards from peg 26 he caught very well pinging pellet with banded or soft 6mm on the hook to catch a mixture of carp from 0.8oz-6lb for a very tidy 160.04lb
Runner up was corn and pellet expert Wayne shepherd who had a very busy day catching small carp for 145.00lb
Third on the lake was catmeat specialist Stephen Roslyn from peg 32 the Huntingdon based rod alternated between margins and short for 132.06lb

Day 1 section winner Magpie lake

1-8 Sean Higginbottom peg 5 106.04lb
10-21 Wayne shepherd peg 19 145lb
24-36 Tom Edwards peg 26 160.04lb

Day 2 Raven lake

With maggots being the key bait the previous day most of the anglers had plenty to feed!
Lake winner again was Tom Edwards from peg 4 he fished a splendid match across at 14.5m to catch F1’s early and a very good late run of better stamp commons and mirrors to finish with 135.04lb with a perfect 2pts and 295.08lb total he was in poll position but rumours that josh pace had caught very well on Magpie.
Lake second was Rookwey waters celebrity Tony Mcgregor from peg 16 he caught on maggots down the middle for 108.12lb
Third on the lake was Dave Rawlings who caught 106.09lb on bread tight across to catch a bigger stamp!

Day 2 Raven lake section winners

1-9 tom Edwards peg 3 135.04lb
11-19 Tony McGregor peg 16 108.12lb
21-29 Simon Godfrey peg 25 71.14lb

Day 2 Magpie

The lake fished exceptionally well with nearly half the anglers catching over 100lb.

Lake winner and getting his own back from day 1 was Tri-cast backed Richard bond from peg 14 which isn’t normally a favourable draw he amassed 180.10lb to take the lake win!
Runnner up on the lake and winning his section again was Tackle & Bates/Bagem backed Josh pace from peg 24 he fished a tidy match on pellet short and maggots very close in to finish just short once again with 179.08lb
3rd overall in the lake was Steve Clark who was pegged next to the lake winner on peg 12 he finished strongly for 150.06lb

Day 2 Magpie section winners

1-8 Ben Townsend peg 8 137.06lb
10-21 Richard bond peg 14 180.10lb
24-36 Josh Pace peg 24 179.08lb

Overall Result

1st Tom Edwards 2pts 295.08lb total
Dynamite/Frenzee £1,000

2nd Josh pace 2pts 280.00lb total
Bagem/Tackle & Bates £500

3rd Ben Townsend 3pts 218.14lb
Matrix/spotted finn £300

4th Sean Higginbottom 3pts 197.09lb
Tackle & Bates

5th Jimmy brooks 3pts 193.14lb
Preston innovations/Sonu baits

6th Simon Godfrey 3pts 169.02lb
Tackle & Bates

7th Richard Bond 4pts 277.13lb

8th Steve Clark 4pts 247.10lb
Tackle & Bates/bait-tech

Another great match with very close weights in sections!

Next Saturday’s summer qualifying open will be fished on Raven & Jay draw 8.45-9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

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