• 2nd December 2018

After the horrendous winds and heavy rain thrown at us over the previous 3 day, the 39 anglers competing in round three of the Teams of three winter league had slightly better weather, with mild temperatures but the wind and rain was still doing it’s best to make the going hard on another typically miserable winters day. The heavy, cold rain introduced to the lake on Thursday and Friday knocked the water temperatures down and made the water clarity a major hindrance, which made the going far from easy on all lakes. The tactics that proved to be the way forward on all lakes were simple, whilst being very effective, with  either dobbing bread or maggot on the hook,  with minimal or no feed, with both tactic  producing plenty of bites.

Jay Lake

Top spot on the lake went to Denis Page on peg 47, who fished bread over tho the far shelf at 14m to put together a very hard earned 70lbs 01oz of mainly carp to 4lbs making up the bulk of his weight. Second on the lake went to Richard on peg 41 who fished 3 lines to the far shelf with maggot being  on the hook for 59lbs 03ozs. With third on the lake being secured by Ricky Ashwell on peg 2 who finished the match with 52lbs 06ozs

Magpie Lake

Dave Rawling on peg 24 fished the long pole at 16m all day, to win the lake with a very well deserved 88lbs 12ozs, with his catch being made of mainly carp between 3 & 5lbs, all falling to dobbed bread. Not far behind with 80lbs 12ozs was Mark Cross on peg 30, who also found dobbing bread to be the best tactic, with 3rd on the lake going to Stewart Bracey on peg 34 with 76lbs 02ozs.

Raven Lake

Wayne Shepherd returned to winning ways with a solid performance on peg 4, to win the lake with 87lbs 13ozs. He fished at 14m to the far shelf in 3ft of water, catching early on bread and then switching to maggot to keep the bites coming.. Peg 1 produced the second placed weight for Bill Reynolds who put 74lbs 03ozs of carp and f1’s on the scales, with Andrew Kleen on peg 6 taking 3rd on the lake with 68lbs 10ozs.

           Team places after three rounds

The Next Saturdays Winter Qualifier is on the 8th of December and will be fished on Jay & Raven Lakes (dependant on numbers),