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Tackle and Bates Winter League; Round 1 Results Sunday 10th November

Sunday 10th November
Tackle & Bates Winter league Round 1

30 anglers fishing the league for the individual series!!

The league is decided in section points with 10 matches and the best 6 scores to count so it will be very close at the end.

All three lakes were used with the biggest weight coming from Magpie peg 08 Jimmy brooks put 140.08lb into the scales other section winner on Magpie was Hooks 2 Go Jason Gilbert from peg 36 with 100.14lb

Lake winner in Raven lake was Jamie Thompson from peg 22 with 94.02 all caught on maggots the other section winner from Raven was Ben Townsend from peg 11 with 85-12lb

Jay lake winner was Bruno Norman from peg 38 with 83lb the other section winner on Jay was Andrew dearing with 37lb

Next round is Sunday 24th November you can still join the league as you have 9 matches left!

Saturday Teams of 3 round 2

Great weights considering the heavy overnight frost on all the lakes.

Magpie lake
Lake winner was the ever consistent Jack Robert Gill from peg 34 he pinged maggots on several lines to catch all day for a 126.14 return lake runner up was Tony watling from next peg 32 with 103.08lb

Magpie lake top 3
1st Jack Gill 126.14lb
Hinders select
2nd Tony watling 103.08lb
3rd Jimmy Brooks 96.10lb
Preston innovations

Raven lake
Lake winner was Richard Bond from peg 02 he caught pinging maggots to the reeds to his right for 107.12lb
Runner up was Adam Playford with 85.10 who also caught on maggots.

Raven lake top 3
1st Richard Bond 107.12lb
Hinders Select
2nd Adam Playford 85.10lb
Preston Innovations
3rd Tony Evans 79.12lb

Jay lake

Taking the lake win and a perfect score for the Hinders select team was Mark Pollard from peg 41 he caught early on bread before a few late fish on maggots short for a superb 82.08lb
Runner up was Andrew Kleen from peg 34 with 63.12lb

Jay lake top 3
1st Mark Pollard 82.08lb
2nd Andrew Kleen 63.12lb
3rd Billy Marlow 52.08lb

Team wise Hinders select paralysed it with a perfect 3pt score ahead of Preston innovations who put a solid 8pts in the board.

League standings after round 2
1st Hinders 13pts
2nd Browning Frenzee 19pts
3rd Preston Innivations 24pts
4th Cresta 33pts
5th Cross drovers 34
6th spottedfin 35
7th Moaners ac 45
8th SAS 46
9th Jason’s finest 51
10th Rookery waters 56
11th Newmarket ac 57

Next teams of 3 is sat 30th November

Weds over 60’s Magpie lake 23 pegs

1st Vic German peg 33 85.04lb
2nd Cliff Bellview peg 14 63.12lb
3rd Bob Coulson peg 24 58.12lb
4th Alan Owen peg 16 57.12lb

Next weds over 60’s open is on Raven lake draw 8.30 fish 10-3pm

This Saturdays open match is on Magpie and Raven Draw 8.30 fish 10.30-3.30pm everyone welcome!!

To book in contact Tackle & Bates 07824878492

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