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Teams of Three Match Results; Saturday 5th December

Rookery Waters Teams of Three Results
Bitterly cold conditions for those fishing the league.
Team wise it was very close at the top with The Good, the bad and the Ugly taking the honors ahead of Hinders select both level on 12pts but ahead on weight with 176.00lb
Magpie lake
1st Dennis page 114.06lb
The good the bad & The Ugly
2nd Darren Ogden 73.00lb
Rookery waters
3rd Billy Marlow 48.02lb
Daiwa Tackle & Bates
Jay lake
1st Gary Ford 46.00lb
Browning Wickford
2nd Jason Gilbert 25.07lb
3rd Ben Townsend 24.02lb
Matrix spotted fin
Raven lake
1st Daniel Clarke 56.12lb
Harolds +1
2nd Mark Pollard 51.14lb
Hinders select
3rd Martin swindles 49.03lb
Matrix Wensom valley
Teams on day
1st = The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 12pts 176.00lb
1st = Hinders select 12pts 103.00lb
3rd =Harolds +1 15pts
3rd = Matrix finn 15pts
5th Newmarket 16pts
6th Daiwa Tackle & Bates 17pts
7th = Browning Wickford 19pts
7th = Matrix wensum valley 19pts
9th BBC 22pts
10th Rookery 24pts
11th Flip Flops Finest 27pts
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