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Rookery Waters is located within Rookery Farm, just outside Pidley, near St Ives. The family have farmed the 230 acre mixed farm (arable and beef) since the 1970’s and now run the fishery alongside it.

Rookery Waters began in 2002 when the family decided to change a water storage reservoir into a popular fishing lake; Rook. Since then, they have gone on to build four more lakes with varying features, catering for both pleasure and match fishing. In 2015 construction finished on The Rookery Café and Tackle and Bates Shop.

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Sat 17th June £1,000 qualifying open Jay lake 26 pegs

A very close match with just 2lb separating the top 3!!
Booking his place in the two day August final was Dowham Market matchmen Jimmy Brooks from peg 33 on Jay he caught 30 small carp on Banded or 6mm expander in 10 inches of water tight over for 100.01lb
Runner up Richard Bond fished shallow with pellets towards the bridge from peg 47 3rd spot was Simon Godfrey who finished just 3oz short of 2nd all caught on meat!

Next Saturday's open is again on Jay lake draw 9am in the cafe fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Jimmy Brooks peg 33 100.01lb
Matrix Image
2nd Richard Bond peg 47 98.03lb
Matrix Image
3rd Simon Godfrey peg 11 98.00lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Mark Cross peg 22 76.00lb
Hooked Newmarket
5th Stephen Freeman peg 19 67.11lb
Tackle & Bates

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Magpie 15 pegs

Fishing was very difficult for those as the fish were at full swing with the spawning!
Top spot went to Graham Welton from peg 5 who opted for a worm and caster approach

Next Thursday's open is on Jay lake draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Graham Welton peg 05 98.10lb
2nd Simon East peg 35 79.05lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Rob Goodson peg 27 58.12lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open match Jay lake 18 pegs

Cat meat specialist Chris Saunders caught 66 carp at top kit and 1 section for 168.13lb ahead of Keith Rayment who fished paste short for 119.14lb

Next weds open is on Magpie draw 8.30 fishing 10-4pm everyone over 60 welcome!

1st Chris Saunders peg 09 168.13lb
2nd Keith Rayment peg 06 119.14lb
3rd Roy Whincup peg 30 107.06lb
4th Jim Garraty peg 11 105.12lb
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Sat 10th June £1,000 qualifying open Magpie and Jay lakes 32 pegs

Both Jay and Magpie lakes were used for the latest qualifying open and some fantastic weights were recorded on both lakes! Taking the win was Rob Goodson from peg 20 on magpie he alternated between two lines tight over to catch a very impressive 254.14lb total of carp averaging 3-4lb.
Runner up due to the continental payout system was Stephen freeman from peg 02 on Jay he used meat over pellet and maggots in the margins to put 162.14lb!!

Next Saturday's open is on Jay lake draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Rob Goodson peg 20 Magpie 254.14lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Stephen Freeman peg 02 Jay 162.14lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Gavin Butler peg 31 Magpie 203.11lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Ben Townsend peg 27 jay 118.01lb
Matrix/Spotted fin
5th Simon Godfrey peg 27 Magpie 166.01lb
Tackle & Bates

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Jay lake 16 pegs

A very windy with the anglers struggling to get tight over to the far bank with the poles but having a slightly sheltered peg than most Bait -Tech backed Tony Dawson capitalised on this to fish shallow towards the bridge with banded pellet to finally weigh 159.00lb
Runner up Graham Welton resorted to the method feeder presented tight over to produce 140.12lb of carp 2-3lb stamp!

Next Thursday's qualifying open is on Magpie with draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Tony Dawson peg 47 159.00lb
2nd Graham Welton peg 34 140.12lb
3rd Rob Goodson peg 44 134.09lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Jon Young peg 11 116.04lb
Tackle & Bates
5th Mark Pollard peg 16/

Weds over 60's open Magpie 14 pegs
1st Mac Campbell peg 33 92.12lb
2nd Will Hadley peg 35 77.15lb
3rd Ken Gammon peg 17 61.09lb
4th Kevin Peacock peg 22 55.08lb

Next weds over 60's competition is on Jay draw 8.30 in the cafe
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Sat 03rd June Magpie £1,000 qualifying open match 29 pegs

A very frustrating day for most as the fish seemed to have other things on there minds!
A Norfolk 1,2 topped by Dynamite Baits backed Matt wiles from peg 31 he caught a few cruising fish dobbing with 6mm pellet on the hook to just edge out Jake Gill from peg 37 he fished exactly the same as the winner!

Next Saturday's qualifying open will be fished on Jay and Magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome! Contact Alex 07824878492

1st Matt wiles peg 31 137.15lb
Dynamite Baits
2nd Jack Gill peg 37 133.09lb
Angling Direct
3rd Steve Hayward peg 20 114.09lb
4th Richard Bond peg 21 91.10lb
Matrix Image

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Magpie 20 pegs

Middy backed Steve Hayward caught steadily all day to catch 44 carp for 175.05lb traveling partner Simon Skelton fished shallow and later on down the edge to put 126.09lb onto the scales!

Next Thursday's open is on Jay lake draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm
Everyone welcome!

1st Steve Hayward peg 20 175.05lb
2nd Simon Skelton peg 38 126.09lb
Maver/Dynamite Baits
3rd Mark Pollar peg 27 94.14lb
4th Rob Goodson peg 08 74.01lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open 18 pegs Jay lake

From peg 06 dave lack fished past close in for 105.10lb runner up Will Hadley just fell short with 96.06lb all caught on pellet long!

Next weds over 60's open is on Magpie draw 8.30 am in the cafe! Everyone over 60 welcome!

1st Dave Lack peg 06 105.10lb
2nd Will Hadley peg 30 96.06lb
3rd Chris Saunders peg 19 85.12lb
4th Kevin Peacock peg 34 84.04lb

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Saturday 27th May Magpie 24 pegs

A very hot day and with the fish spawning the anglers were expecting a very hard day! But it turned out to be the complete opposite It fished exceptionally well considering!
Making it back to back wins at the fishery this week was Simon Skelton from peg 20 he caught dobbing with maggots all around his peg to finish with 258.14lb!!!
Runner up was Stephen freeman who certainly is hard to beat at the fishery too!! Fishing his favoured big baits in the margins to finish with 214.11lb
3rd spot went to Polly from peg 1 who fished shallow with banded pellet! To just break the 200lb barrier.

Next Saturday's open match is again on magpie with just 28 spaces available so booking in is essential! Everyone welcome.
Alex 07824878492

1st Simon Skelton peg 20 258.14lb
Maver/Dynamite Baits
2nd Stephen Freeman peg 08 214.11lb
Tackle & Bated
3rd Mark Pollard peg 01 204.15lb
Matrix/Dynamite baits/Stanjays
4th Steve Hayward peg 38 186.00lb
5th Gavin Butler peg 11 160.02lb
Tackle & Bates

Bank holiday Monday £1,000 qualifying open match Magpie 22 pegs

A very frustrating day for the anglers competing in the this match with the fish completely switching off!
The only angler over the 100lb barrier today was Josh Pace with 106.10lb all caught on the feeder from peg 18 using pellet on the hook!
Runner up Scott Lowen had 33 carp for 99.00lb all caught on maggots!

1st Josh Pace peg 18 106.10lb
Sensas MK1
2nd Scott Lowen peg 35 99.00lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Robert wright peg 11 97.00lb
Matrix Image
4th Richard Bond peg 09 87.08lb
Matrix Image
5th Matt wiles peg 31 85.10lb
Dynamite Baits

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Jay lake 18 pegs

Another fantastic weight recorded by Simon Skelton who is unbeatable at present! Targeting the cruising fish he put together 183.13lb to comfortable take the win!
1st Simon Skelton peg 05 183.13lb
Maver/Dynamite baits
2nd Neil Adcock peg 15 112.11lb
Browning Hot rods
3rd Josh Pace peg 18 92.10lb
Sensas MK1
4th David Adams peg 20 81.10lb
Tackle & Bates

Next Thursday's open is on Magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

Weds over 60's Magpie 18 pegs

Cat meat wizard chris Saunders showed the way with a superb 233.04lb
Second spot went to will Hadley the pole repair man with 145.02lb

1st Chris Saunders peg 08 233.04lb
2nd Will Hadley peg 35 145.02lb
3rd John Belshaw peg 06 136.00lb
4th Kevin Peacock peg 25 133.04lb

Next weds over 60's match is on Jay lake draw at 8.30 in the cafe fishing 10-4pm everyone over 60 welcome.
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