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Rookery Waters is located within Rookery Farm, just outside Pidley, near St Ives. The family have farmed the 230 acre mixed farm (arable and beef) since the 1970’s and now run the fishery alongside it.

Rookery Waters began in 2002 when the family decided to change a water storage reservoir into a popular fishing lake; Rook. Since then, they have gone on to build four more lakes with varying features, catering for both pleasure and match fishing. In 2015 construction finished on The Rookery Café and Tackle and Bates Shop.

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Sat 22nd April Qualifying open Jay & Magpie 42 pegs

A fantastic attendance for the Saturday qualifying open which meant both Jay and Magpie lakes being used!
Smashing the the match to bits was Spalding angler Dan Abbott from peg 27 on magpie he started on banded pellet shallow then switched between two margin lines on his left hand side with meat and maggots!
To make things Evan better the JVAC rod took home one of the £200 golden pegs too!!!
Runner up on Jay lake was Stephen freeman from peg 11 he alternated between meat and pellets in the edges and long to the far bank for 114.06lb

Next Saturday's open will be on magpie and Jay again depending on numbers! With the draw time 9am in the cafe!
Everyone welcome!
We also have a match Bank holiday Monday on Magpie everyone welcome with 2 spaces up for grabs in the August final!

Top 4 based on continental payout
1st Dan Abbott peg 27 Magpie 150.05lb
2nd Stephen Freeman peg 11 Jay 114.06lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Josh pace peg 24 Magpie 96.00lb
Sensas MK1
4th Simon Godfrey peg 38 Jay 103.08lb
Tackle & Bates

Jay top 4
1st Stephen freeman peg 11 114.06lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Simon Godfrey peg 38 103.08lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Gavin Butler peg 18 102.00lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Wayne Shepherd peg 28 94.05lb
Tackle & Bates

Magpie lake top 4
1st Dan Abbott peg 27 150.05lb
2nd Josh pace peg 24 96.00lb
Sensas MK1
3rd Dan Hall peg 31 95.04lb
Tackle & Bates
4th Robert Wright peg 18 94.01lb
Matrix Image

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Jay lake 18 pegs

Strong winds made presentation very difficult for the anglers Fishing over!
Showing the rest of the anglers the way was Rob Wright from peg 23 using meat on several lines to put together a very impressive 176.12lb!!
Runner up was Dynamite baits and Maver backed Simon Skelton from peg 5 he fished meat short and pellets across for 129.12lb

Next Thursday's match is on Magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm
Everyone welcome!

1st Robert Wright peg 23 176.12lb
Matrix Image
2nd Simon Skelton peg 05 129.12lb
Maver/Dynamite Baits
3rd Andrew Rayment peg 28 106.08lb
Ramsey AC
4th John Payne peg 19 75.12lb
Ramsey AC

Weds over 60's open Magpie 16 pegs

A very sharp overnight frost and bright sunshine seemed to put the fish off feeding during the first couple of hours of the match but they certainly fed for match winner Kevin Peacock from peg 01 he used his favoured meat and cat meat in the edge to put together 166.07lb! Second spot went to Dave lack from peg 09 he used paste and meat for 152.10lb

Next weds match is on Jay lake draw 8.30 in the cafe! Everyone over 60 welcome.

1st Kevin Peacock peg 01 166.07lb
2nd Dave Lack peg 09 152.10lb
3rd will Hadley peg 33 103.00lb
4th Pete Holland peg 05 87.07lb

Don't forget we have a Qaulifying open again on bank holiday Monday with 2 spaces up for grabs!!!
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This Saturday's open will be fished across both Jay and Magpie lakes due to the number of anglers booking in!
Draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm
We will be paying section money every 5/6 pegs £40
To book in contact Alex 07824878492
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Monday 17th April £1,000 qualifying open Magpie 20 pegs

The first 200lb bag of the season went to Boston rod Gavin Butler from peg 9 he long lined banded 6mm pellet shallow then switched to casters and dead maggots in the right hand margin to finish with 49 fish for 202.04lb
Runner up again was Simon Godfrey from peg 29 were he caught early on banded pellet shallow then caught some better fish on dead reds over groundbait to weigh 154.12lb
The ever consistent Josh pace took 3rd spot with 144.4lb from peg 22 on meat short and in the edge.

Next Saturday's open is on magpie draw 9am booking in is essential !
Thursday's open is on Jay lake

1st Gavin Butler peg 09 202.04lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Simon Godfrey peg 29 154.12lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Josh Pace peg 22 144.04lb
Sensas MK1
4th Barry Mason peg 02 134.00lb
5th Andy Adams peg 13 133.10lb
Tackle & Bates
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Sat 15th April £1,000 qualifying open Jay Lake 27 pegs

From peg 42 Matrix Image backed angler Robert Wright fished meat at 5m and tight across to the far bank when the wind let him!
Runner up Stephen freeman had a great start on meat tight over towards the bridge but a slow ending making him just short to finish with 110.08lb.3rd spot went to Josh pace from peg 39 he fished meat short and a little feeder tight over for 104.14lb.

Next Saturday's open is in magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm
we currently have 3 golden pegs on the go with 2 capped at £200 each!
Everyone welcome! Booking is essential!
Don't forget we have a Bank holiday open match this Monday on magpie with 2 spaces up for grabs!

1st Robert Wright peg 42 115.14lb
Matrix Image
2nd Stephen Freeman peg 47 110.08lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Josh Pace peg 39 104.14lb
Sensas MK1
4th Tony Watling peg 27 78.04lb
Stanjay Tackle
5th Gavin Butler peg 25 75.08lb
Tackle & Bates

Thursday £1,000 qualifying open Magpie 19 pegs

Another great turnout for the midweek Qaulifying open with market deeping based angler Rob Goodson booking his spot in the final with 171.14lb from peg 29 he started short on meat before going shallow mid match with pellets and then concentrated the last 2 hours down the right hand margin with maggots and groundbait to catch 80 carp for his 171.14lb winning return.
Runner up Josh pace fished meat short and pellets in the margins to finish with 153.01lb.
Third spot went to Robert Wright from peg 25 he had a slow start before the bigger fish rocked up down the margins to finish with 144.05lb

Next Thursday's open is on Jay lake draw 9am fishing 10.30-4.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Rob Goodson peg 29 171.14lb
Tackle & Bates
2nd Josh Pace peg 07 153.01lb
Sensas MK1
3rd Robert Wright peg 25 144.05lb
Matrix Image
4th Scott Lowen peg 16 132.08lb
Tackle & Bates
5th Roger Gowler peg 20 130.06lb
JVAC/Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open Magpie 16 pegs

When the cat meat starts to work both Kevin Peacock and Chris Saunders have plenty of confidence on the bait and this showed for the weekly over 60's contest!
From peg 08 Kevin peacock put a very impressive 189.11lb onto the scales ahead of Chris Saunders 181.08lb both anglers caught short on the cat meat!

Next weds over 60's is on Magpie Draw 8.30 fishing 10-4pm everyone over 60 welcome!

1st Kevin Peacock peg 08 189.11lb
2nd Chris Saunders peg 20 181.08lb
3rd Pete Holland peg 02 107.07lb
4th Will Hadley peg 05 103.08lb
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