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Rookery Waters is located within Rookery Farm, just outside Pidley, near St Ives. The family have farmed the 230 acre mixed farm (arable and beef) since the 1970’s and now run the fishery alongside it.

Rookery Waters began in 2002 when the family decided to change a water storage reservoir into a popular fishing lake; Rook. Since then, they have gone on to build four more lakes with varying features, catering for both pleasure and match fishing. In 2015 construction finished on The Rookery Café and Tackle and Bates Shop.

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Rookery Waters £1,000

Spring Summer series 2 Day Final 2016
Sun 21 August 16 - Rookery Waters - Jay & Magpie Lakes

After 30 weeks of qualifying rounds, 48 anglers arrived at the venue to fish the annual 2 Day final at Rookery Waters. The match was fished on Jay & Magpie lakes, with the anglers split into two groups of 24, with 4 × 6 peg sections on each lake. With near gale force winds and intermittent heavy showers forecast for both days the conditions were going to be far from perfect for this prestigious event.

Saturday the 20th of August – Day One
Jay Lake

Strong winds played a major factor in the sport for most on what turned out to be a pole anglers nightmare. The wind was so strong, virtually all the field found presenting baits on the long pole near on impossible, with the majority of anglers having to resort to either fishing down the edge or on the feeder to the far margins.

Top spot on the lake on day one was taken by Sensas Colemans backed John Shepherd on peg 30 who caught well close in the first couple of hours but to keep the bites coming, he then switched over to a small pellet feeder with dead red maggots as his chosen hookbait. john fished his feeder rig tight to the far bank to amass a very impressive 122lbs 2ozs in what can only be described as appalling conditions.

Second on the lake went to Matrix/Dynamite backed Tom Edwards on peg 13. Tom fished a hybrid feeder with meat tight to the far bank to catch steadily all day to finish the match with a 100lbs 6ozs well ahead of the following pack.

Section Winners
A Section – Stewart Bracey (Shimano/Dynamite) peg 7 – 75lbs 4ozs
B Section – Tom Edwards (Matrix/Dynamite) Peg 13 – 100lbs 6ozs
C Section – John Shepperd (Sensas Colemans) Peg 30 – 122lbs 2ozs
D Section – Kev Shellie (Hooked Newmarket) Peg 38 – 62lbs 6ozs

Magpie Lake

Unlike the anglers on Jay, because of the mature bank side tree cover, the wind wasn’t playing as big a part as it was on Jay lake, with the majority of anglers finding presenting baits on the long pole far easier but the margins were the place to find the big weights.

On fancied peg 38, venue regular Kev Peacock put in yet another very impressive display down the edge. By fishing tight to the marginal rushes on both sides of his swim, the local rod utilised his vast lake knowledge to catch down the edge on pellet and paste to put together a very impressive 195lbs 12ozs for top spot.

Second on the lake went to Josh Pace on peg 18. The Cambridgeshire based rod fish meat down the edge shallow to put 190lbs 14ozs on the scales, to secure a very close second on the lake but most importantly a section win.

Section winners
A Section – Barry Mason (Daiwa/Guru/Bag’em) Peg 4 – 118lbs 4ozs
B Section – Roger Gowler (Tackle & Baits) Peg 8 – 67lbs 2ozs
C Section – Josh Pace (Sensas MK1) Peg 18 – 190lbs 14ozs
D Section – Kev Peacock (Tackle & Bates) Peg 38 – 195lbs 12ozs

Sunday the 21st of August – Day Two
The final day of the two day final was greeted with a dramatic improvements in conditions, with the wind changing from a south/westerly to a north/westerly making the conditions far more favourable and settled than on the previous day and with all section winners in with a chance of taking the top spot, it was going to be a very tense second day.

Jay Lake

Conditions we much better but the wind had now changed direction and was still making conditions hard going for the majority of the 24 anglers fishing Jay lake. As on the previous day, the better weights came to a small feeder fished tight over or alternatively down the edge with corn, meat and paste all producing good weights.

Top weight on the day fell to Simon Easy on peg 30. Simon combated the strong side winds by fishing a small feeder to the far bank, to finish the day with a well earned 109lbs 6ozs. Finishing close behind on peg 39 was Guru/Bag’em backed Barry Mason. He used a small method feeder and margin tactics to secure his second section win of the final.

Section Winners
A Section – Josh Pace (Sensas MK1) Peg 3 – 76lbs 6ozs
B Section – John Cartwright (Stanjay) Peg 11 – 69lbs 00ozs
C Section – Simon Easy (Stanjay) Peg 30 - 109.06lb
D Section – Barry Mason (Daiwa/Guru/Bag’em) Peg 39 – 99lbs 8ozs

Magpie Lake

With the change in wid direction, the fish decided to have wonder to pastures new on day two. the sport in turn was far better for the anglers on the lake, with several weights over 140lbs recorded.

Top weight on the day was taken by Sean Higginbottom, who put in a superb display to amass the biggest weight of the two day final, with a huge haul totaling 213lbs 6ozs. Sean fished shallow at 16m for the majority of his fish. With a few bonus lumps from down the egde during the later stages of the match.
Matrix/Dynamite backed Tom Edwards also got amongst the carp, with a very well deserved 180lbs 8ozs from island peg 31.

Section winners
A Section – Lee Thornton (Middy/Bag’em) Peg 4 – 152lbs 2ozs
B Section – Stewart Bracey (Shimano/Dynamite) Peg 14 – 130lbs 14ozs
C Section – Sean Higginbottom (Tackle & Bates) Peg 25 – 213lbs 6ozs
D Section – Tome Edwards (Matrix/Dynamite) Peg 31 – 180lbs 8ozs

Winner – Tom Edwards (Matrix/Dynamite) 2 points – 280lbs 14ozs

Runner up – Josh Pace (Sensas MK1) 2 points – 267lbs 2ozs

Third – Barry Mason (Daiwa/Guru/Bag’em) 2 points – 217lbs 12ozs
Fourth – Stewart Bracey (Shimano/Dynamite) 2 points – 206lbs 2ozs

Fifth – Simon Easy (Stanjay) 3 points – 269lbs 12ozs
Sixth – Sean Higgingbottom (Tackle & Bates) 3 points – 269lbs 6ozs
Foot Note – On behalf of Tackle & Bates, Rookery Waters and UKMA. We would lke to thank all the anglers who have made this event a great success!
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Two Day Funal Update!
Draw 9am in CAFE registration before hand in tackle shop.Fishing 11 am-5pm both days

1st £1000 2nd £500 3rd 250
4th £200 5th £150


Paying £50 for section win and £30 for second in 7 peg sections both days!.
This payout is based on a full 56 anglers fishing

Fished on Jay & Magpie lakes on Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st August.

Anglers will fish both lakes over the two days.
Winnner decided on section points in event of tie total weight to decide.
£50 entry fee With super pools £70
optional super pools of £10 for each day to be paid upfront on the saturday,This is separate to the £50 entry this is run as two separate matches which will be paid out in the cafe after each day.
paying top 3 on each lake and 4x sections on both lakes both days.

list of qualified anglers so far.Tony Dawson,Gavin Butler,Ben Townsend,tony watling,kevin peacock,graham welton,si dow,Vinny Easy,Geoff arnold,martyn freeman,tom edwards,tom cole,sean higginbottom,roger gowler,John Millard,josh Pace,tim Bates,rob humphries,jason fulcher,simon godfrey,stephen freeman,lee thornton,scott lowen,Kev Shellie,steve pell,John whitcombe,Rab Egan,sean coaten,kevin turner,tony evans,david millburn,marcas normanton,darren ogden,dave rawlings,liam easy,john cartwright,ricky ashwell,ian frith,tony mcgregor,alan bailey,Charlie lawrence,richard bond,simon easy,Wayne shepherd,rob goodson,kevin williams,steve roseleyn,John Shepperd,Barry Mason,Nigel swallow and shannon swallow so far
If you know you cannot make it or someone else on the list are unavailable please contact Alex 07824878492
we are offering food in the cafe after both matches
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Sat £1,000 qualifying open Magpie Lake

Superb weights again on magpie lake with a variety of methods and baits working exceptionally well!
Both magpie and Jay lakes are fishing well so things are looking up for the two day final this weekend 20-21st August!
Taking the honours was John Cartwright from peg 34 he presented his favoured Catmeat approach in the margins to catch carp pushing 8lb in his spectacular 240.14 total!
Runner up from peg 1 was Simon Godfrey who caught shallow and on meat short to catch 64 carp for 194.08lb
Next Saturday is the two day final so good luck to those that are fishing!
Draw times are 9am fishing 11-5pm both days! Please contact Alex for more information 07824878492
Last chance Qualifying open is on Jay Lake on Thursday

1st John Cartwright peg 34 240.14lb
Stanjay Tackle
2nd Simon Godfrey peg 01 194.08lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Graham Welton peg 22 187.04lb
Stanjay Tackle
4th Geoff Arnold peg 20 177.08lb
Hooked Newmarket
5th Josh Pace peg 24 173.08lb
Sensas MK1
6th Tony Evans peg 29 143.08
Dynamite Baits

Weds over 60's open Jay Lake
Difficult conditions in the over 60's contest but making no mistake from peg 24 was Ken Gammon using catmeat in the edge for 71.00

1st Ken Gammon peg 24 71.00
2nd Mick Curtis peg 18 65.04lb
3rd Roger Abbott peg 43 56.04lb
Next weeks over 60's is on Magpie draw 9am in the cafe
Fishing 10-4pm
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