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Rookery Waters is located within Rookery Farm, just outside Pidley, near St Ives. The family have farmed the 230 acre mixed farm (arable and beef) since the 1970’s and now run the fishery alongside it.

Rookery Waters began in 2002 when the family decided to change a water storage reservoir into a popular fishing lake; Rook. Since then, they have gone on to build four more lakes with varying features, catering for both pleasure and match fishing. In 2015 construction finished on The Rookery Café and Tackle and Bates Shop.

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Sat 11th Feb winter qualifying open 15 pegs

Taking the win from peg 1 was matrix backed Mark pollard! Using maggots and bread tight to the far bank to catch 25 carp for 59.03lb.
Runner up from golden peg 35 was Tony McGregor who caught using pellet and maggots long for 29.08lb

Next Saturday's open is again on magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-30pm

1st Mark Pollard peg 01 59.03lb
Matrix/Dynamite Baits/Stanjays
2nd Tony McGregor peg 35 29.08lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd Rob Humphreys peg 05 20.09lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open Magpie 13 pegs

Taking the win once again on corn long was Mick Curtis from peg 31.
1st Micheal Curtis peg 31 39.11lb
2nd Bob Coulson peg 35 35.06lb
3rd will Hadley peg 01 16.10lb

Next weds open is again on magpie draw 8.30 fishing 10-3pm
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Saturday 04th Feb Magpie 18 pegs

Another good turnout for the winter Qaulifying open and a slight rise in temperature made it feel tropical compared to the last 3 Saturday's!
Out in front from peg 35 was Newmarket angler Kev Shellie who fish various baits long on the pole for 47.02lb.Runner up was Kettering based Rab Egan who fell just short of the winner with 40.07lb all caught on corn and pellet.

Next Saturday's match is again on Magpie Draw 9am in cafe fishing 10.30-3.30pm everyone welcome!!

1st Kevin Shellie peg 35 47.02lb
Hooked Newmarket
2nd Rab Egan peg 13 40.07lb
Kettering/Tackle & Bates
3rd Colin Edwards peg 07 38.06lb
Grasshopper lakes
4th Tony Mcgregor peg 25 32.06lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open Magpie
An angler doing well at the fishery is Ely based rod Bob Coulson who made no mistake from peg 26 where he caught on corn on the deck!
Next weds match is on Magpie draw 8.30am fishing 10-3pm
1st Bob Coulson peg 26 38.10lb
2nd Will Hadley peg 35 23.03lb
3rd Mick Curtis peg 5 18.00lb
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Short video from the last swoop of the day pegs 14-04! We originally did it with the standard net and had 250-300 carp 1-3lb we then went over it with a fry net and had this bag!!! Awesome!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Environmental Agency Fisheries Team Jay Netting 31/01/17
With the water level down due to the immense work being carried out on jay lake we saw this as the ideal opportunity to do some fishery management so we asked the lads from the Brampton Fisheries EA team to show us the way with netting!
we had an amazing day with more fish caught than expected! we had the perfect chance to remove the hoards of tiny perch present in Jay.We have estimated over 7,000 now in there new home!!
we would like to thank all the team at Brampton for the help and its a great example how the EA work hand in hand with commercial fisheries throughout the uk!
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Sat 28th Jan winter Qaulifying open magpie 17 pegs

A week of the lake frozen solid and the I've then thawed out mad e the fishing exceptionally hard for those competing in the latest qualifying open!

No stranger to the fishery and making the most of a favoured draw was Mark Pollard from peg 34 the matrix and dynamite backed angler caught on bread and pellets long at 16m
Runner up was Kevin Peacock from peg 1 he caught tight to the bridge with popped up bread!

Next Saturday's match is again on Magpie draw 9am fishing 10.30-3.30pm everyone welcome!

1st Mark Pollard peg 34 16.09lb
Matrix/Dynamite baits/Stanjay
2nd Kevin Peacock peg 01 13.14lb
Tackle & Bates
3rd David Adams peg 35 10.05lb
Tackle & Bates

Weds over 60's open Magpie

A frozen solid lake meant the boat coming out and breaking some channels for the match to go ahead!
Winner with 3 carp was Ray Poolman
With 7.09lb all caught on maggots on a straight lead!

1st Raymond Poolman peg 35 7.09lb
2nd Bob Coulson peg 33 6.00lb
3rd Mick Curtis peg 13 5.10lb
Next weeks match is draw 8.30 in cafe!
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