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Day & DatesLake Bookings
Weds 26th febRaven-Over 60's
Sat 29th febRaven & Magpie-open match
Sun 01st MarchJay & Magpie-Winter LEAGUE
Raven-Jolly Boys ac
weds 04th march Magpie-over 60's
Sat 07th MarchRaven-1-16 Riverbed ac
Magpie & Jay-Open Match
Sun 08th MarchRaven-shauns mg
Weds 11th marchJay-Over 60's open
Sat 14th MarchJay & Magpie-open match
Raven-Johnson & Matthey
Sun 15th MarchMagpie & Raven-Winter league
Weds 18th MarchRaven-over 60's
Sat March 21st Jay-Peterborough Con Club
Magpie & Raven-Open Match
Sun 22ndRaven-Royal Exchange
Jay-Tackle & Bates mg
Weds 26th Magpie-Over 60's
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