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Rook Lake

Rook Lake


Pleasure lake


Rook lake is the original lake at the fishery that offers all anglers and abilities a great days fishing. Each swim has Reed fringed margins and has depths ranging from 2ft to 8ft. Rook lake is a general pleasure lake with large stocks of silver fish offering bites all year round. 


All pegs are easily accessible with parking directly behind each swim.

The carp average 7-14lb with some bigger specimen fish just over 20lb 


The biggest fish in the lake being a grass carp recorded at 30.08lb  

Each swim is big enough to accommodate two anglers which is ideal for social fishing or beginners who need assistance close by.


Lake stocking 
Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Perch, Crusian and Carp 2-30lb 

Best Methods and Tactics


If you are targeting the larger resident carp boiles, 8 or 10mm pellets, Corn and Pop ups work all year round.

Simple PVA bag tactics throughout the year and during the summer months. Zig fishing can produce the goods or a simple bomb & pellet or pellet waggler tactics.


The silver fish sport can be fantastic all year round with caster, maggots and worms the perfect bait when targeting pretty much all the silvers but if you are trying to be more selective for the skimmers and crucian carp soft pellets and groundbait work best.

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